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To Be -- You Have to Know, Accept and Acknowledge

A Meditative Way of Thinking and Living






Elizabeth Banfalvi is of Hungarian descent and is very traditional in her habits and thoughts. She was born and raised on a tobacco farm in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. At age 10 1/2 her family moved to Sudbury, Ontario. Elizabeth, at age 17, moved back to southern Ontario, to her home town of Brantford. She married at 18 years old and had 3 children (1 girl and 2 boys). Her oldest son died when he was 25. Her daughter is married and has 2 beautiful young boys – the oldest plays hockey and the younger is busy with his computer games. Her son is a professional dancer and choreographer and a real estate agent. Her son is married and his wife is an interior designer, together they have a beautiful young daughter who also dances. Now divorced, Elizabeth lives on her own in Mississauga, Ontario where she has resided since 1988.

Having been raised on a farm, Elizabeth’s teachings have a sense of connection to the earth and the yearly seasons. Being surrounded by farm animals gave her an understanding of animals and their energies. Often she will talk about the seasons of life and the connection we have to animals both tame and wild. There is a logical sense to life when you connect to the earth and the simplicity of time and evolvement of the seasons from a seed to harvest.

Through her classes and on an individual basis, Elizabeth has helped many people work through the grieving process brought on by the separation and loss of a loved one.

Elizabeth has had cancer and recovered. She doesn't refer to herself as a cancer survivor at all but someone who has experienced cancer.


Her Writings

Elizabeth was inspired to write by Mary Rose, the cover artist of her first book. Mary Rose was discussing the idea of writing children's books and submitting them for publishing. This gave Elizabeth the inspiration to combine her thoughts and teachings into a book. The outcome was the first book in the meditation series, Meditation – The Physical Body. With the association Mary Rose had established with Baico Publishers, Elizabeth submitted her book for publishing and found the staff to be extremely helpful.

One thing Elizabeth knew from the start was she didn’t want to write a huge thick book. She realized, through her years of teaching, students are overwhelmed when given too much information. The solution was to write a series of books, each themed simply on one aspect. Each book leads the reader on a journey discovering and working through different levels at their own pace. Each book follows the other and delves into different aspects of the relevant theme. Elizabeth includes symbolic subjects to provoke a different way of thinking about the theme. In the second book, Meditation - Awareness, she writes about the relevance of feet and how symbolic they are. The books are spiral bound so they lay flat while being read and working through the included series of mediations. The meditation points are numbered so they are mentally read in succession. Journal pages are included after each meditation and include questions about the day that has just passed. Writing in a journal is not Elizabeth’s forte but she finds it interesting to write down her feelings, date them then look back on them later. “It does show us how far we have progressed on this road of life we are traversing”.

Elizabeth pledges to always be positive in her writings and enjoys talking about the process involved in getting the utmost out of your meditation which doesn’t always mean relaxation. Meditation can include many levels and different aspects such as just clearing the mind, being more aware, more grateful, realizing your own potential and many other wonderful inspirations. Life will always be a journey and we walk it at our own pace and integrity.


From Elizabeth

Yvonne, the wife of my formatter, has been a good friend of mine for years; we met at one of my classes. Yvonne and her husband Brian, have been a wealth of information and the greatest help in putting my book(s) together. Roman, who I grew up with, gives me beautiful cover images for my books and listens to my ramblings about what I want for the cover then surpasses my expectations. My webmaster, Carolyn, gives me wonderful images, thought provoking questions and stimulus to make my web pages better. I have a wonderful friend in a young gentleman named Lambros, who gives me support and tells me how proud he is of me. My children, Laura and Ted, show how proud they are of me; they inspire me more than they can ever know. I am surrounded by very strong people who support and aid me in every way.




Adult Continuing Education

Meditation Teacher since 1996 with Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board
Meditation Teacher since 2006 with Brampton Parks
Wellness Workshop Teacher since 2006 with Halton Catholic School Boards
Stress Relief Naturally workshops since 2013 -- Mississauga Central Library, Mississauga, Ontario
Workshop Facilitator


Certified Reflexologist (Reflexology Association of Canada) - 1996     Reflexology Site
Reiki Master - 2000




Published an article in Reflexology Association of Canada's national newsletter in 2006


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