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There are many ways to naturally change your life. Take the time for yourself and others and learn how to breath, think and feel in different ways.

A Meditative Way of Thinking and Living



Enhance your get togethers with a workshop on one of these topics. Whether it is a small or large gathering, these workshops are entertaining, proactive and full of information.
All Workshops are 1.5 Hours to 2 Hours Duration
  Mini Massages #1 (Scalp, Head & Ear)   Learn simple massage techniques for massaging the scalp, head and ears which improves circulation and relaxes the entire body.  Bring a bath towel.  
  Mini Massages #2 (Feet & Hands)   Learn simple massage techniques for hands and feet which promotes circulation and relaxation throughout the body. Bring a bath towel and your favorite lotion.  
  Mini Massages #3 (Back and shoulders)   Learn simple massage techniques to help relax the muscles in the back and shoulders. Bring a bath towel.  
  The Healing Touch   Learn about various alternative therapies and how they work. Therapeutic Touch will be demonstrated.  
  Meditation   Meditation is an ancient art of calming the mind and thereby focusing more clearly. Various simple types of meditation will be presented and practiced.  
  Stress Relief (Naturally)   Learn different techniques to help you get relief from stress and help you relax during stressful situations.  
  Breathing Techniques   Learn different breathing techniques to promote relaxation and also to energize the body.  
  Positive Thinking   Learn how to promote positive thought patterns for changing and improving your life. Bring a notebook.  
  Crystal Therapy   Learn the power semi-precious and precious stones have to enhance mental, spiritual and physical healing.  
  Intro to Chakras   Chakras are energy centres within the body and located along the spine. Learn how to understand how they work and to feel your different levels of energies.  
  Intro to Reflexology   Reflexology is based on the principle that all organs, glands and structures of the body have reflex points in the feet and hands. Reflexology helps the body relax so that its natural healing processes can begin. Bring a pillow, lotion & a towel.  
  Visualization   Learn to use visualization as a powerful effective tool to make changes in your life, career and relationships. Bring a notebook and pen.  
  Aroma & Colour Therapy   Learn how various scents and colours affect the way you feel. Learn methods to utilize their power to change your energy.  
  Introduction to Reiki   Learn about this gentle but powerful therapy which uses a hands-on approach to heal the body. Bring a pillow and towel. This is not a certification course.  
  Intuition Development   Learn how to develop your natural intuitive instincts to guide and help you to make changes in your life.  
  Dealing with Grief   Learn to live with personal loss and to understand the process.  
  Therapeutic Touch   T-Touch is used for cancer patients and patients who are suffering intense pain. Learn about this gentle therapy which can be used on all ages, health types and even animals.  

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